Diligent Consulting Ltd is contracted by Booz Allen Hamilton (USA) to manage short and long term contracts for the provision of consulting services for the SERA Policy Project Tanzania. We also work to recruit and staff technical experts for short term technical assignments and initial startup activities.

Short Term Assignments Under SERA

DCL works with the Agricultural Innovation Research Foundation (AIRF) to provide technical support services for The Rice Council of Tanzania (RCT) in developing the organisation strategic plan. RCT was formed in 2014 to spearhead, coordinate and lobby the activities of the rice industry in Tanzania. RCT represents small, medium and large-scale farmers, traders, millers and processors within the rice sector. 

DCL also works with TNS RMS East Africa to conduct a survey of maize farmers in Tanzania - The study is an attempt to determine whether women receive significantly different prices for maize than men after adjusting the quality differences. It is meant to provide a platform for the creation of interventions tailored to the needs of smallholder women farmers with the goal of improving their access to and participation in maize markets and receiving premium prices.