• Project Development- The team designs project activities and prepares proposals; there after the team drafts the document for review and approval by the applicant.
  • Project Implementation and Monitoring- The team provides trainings for designed USADF grantees and assiststhem with the implementation of their training plans.
  • Building Linkages and Promotion of Participatory Development – The team facilitates linkages between grassroots groups, donors, and the private sector and promoting participatory development "best practices"

Diligent Consulting Ltd as Partner

Diligent Consulting Limited (The Partner) reports to the USADF Regional Program Director. The USADF Regional Program Director has the primary responsibility for promoting USADF’s Program including soliciting , screening and recommending grant applications for approval. The USADF Country Program Coordinator collaborates with Diligent Consulting Ltd on various activities including monitoring progress and conducting reviews of the program.

DCL ensures that the grant applicants and grantees get the necessary technical support and advice they need to

(a) Submit proposals that comply with USADF requirements

(b) Implement their project successfully.