Innovation & Competitiveness, SME Development 

Sosthenes Sambua is renowned International trainer on competitiveness, innovative clusters, enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship. Has jointly with the IFC-APDF trained Tanzanian experts on Enhancing Consulting Skills for SMEs. He is a member of an International Team that is training cluster development facilitators in 7 African Countries. He is a member of National Steering Committee of Innovative Systems and Clusters Programme. He is a member of The Competitiveness Institute (TCI), Global Network of Cluster Development practitioners. He is accredited supplier for International Trade Centre (ITC), and Department for International Development (DFID).

Mr.  Sambua has over 17 years of accumulated experience in project management for private sector and Enterprise development, designing and supervision of tailor-made entrepreneurship training to owner-managers of SMEs, business associations in specific sectors, Private Sector Organisations (PSOs) and women business interest groups. He has facilitated do-it-yourself business planning for young medium level organisations and prepared bankable business plans for hundreds of SME clients. He has conducted train sessions on enterprise innovation and competitiveness in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique and Tanzania.

Sosthenes has presented papers at the International Training on Effective Management of Business Development Services (Italy in 2000), International Conference on Entrepreneurship and Small Business in Africa (ICAESB) (Tanzania in 2002 and 2005), International Conference on Reforming the Business Environment (Egypt in 2005), the National Conference in Stimulating and Catalyzing Sustainable Economic Development in Tanzania (Tanzania in 2006) and at the ad hoc Working Group Meeting for the Sub-Saharan Africa's participation in the Global Partnership Programme (GPP) on Linking Farmers to Markets (LFM) held in Nairobi (Kenya in 2006). International experience includes Italy, Egypt, Ghana, Zambia, Uganda and Kenya.