One way to judge the appropriateness of a consulting firm is to look at the package of services it offers.We believe that by offering manageable portfolio of services with focused areas of expertise, we are better able to serve our clients.

Conference Facilitation

Diligent Consulting Ltd offers conference facilitation services for those events related to Agri-business, International Trade, and SME Development.  Examples of past facilitation include the ANSAF Learning & Sharing Forum and the AFRACA "Innovations in Addressing Rural Finance Challenges in Africa."

Value Chain Analysis

Many of the goods produced in Tanzania remain in raw, unprocessed forms and thus lead to low retail prices. Our consultants have the expertise and interest in advising on the concept of value chain diversification. By appropriately identifying the challenges and opportunities within a product's value chain, Diligent Consulting Ltd is able to help the producer gain more in retail earnings.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is an important part of project implementation. It is the system used to measure whether goals are being achieved and to hold those accountable for missed goals. Through project design and management, our Consultants have extensive experience in the development and implementation of M&E systems.  As with our policy design, focus is on practicality, coherence and clarity.

Policy Writing/Advising

Policy plays an important role in the eventual implementation of projects in all of our three focus industries. When our Directors and Associate Consultants write or advise on policy--whether for governments, NGOs, limited companies--they have three criteria for the output: practical, coherent and clear.

The Proposal Process

Proposals are an essential element of any organisation. Every organisation will either apply for something (grant, loan, project e.t.c) or will evaluate someone's application (again--grant, loan, project, etc.). It is therefore important that organisations understand the proposal process- from writing to evaluation.

Our consultants have extensive knowledge on proposal writing and evaluation process--such as the development of concept notes, Expressions of Interest (EOIs), adherence to Terms of Reference (ToR), full proposals, and evaluation of such documents.

More importantly, our team has the experience, patience, and creativity to transfer this knowledge to our clients. 


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