Market Infrastructure, Value Addition and Rural Finance (MIVARF) is a 7 year (2011-2017) support programme focused on improving access to financial and market services for the rural, economically active, poor (the beneficiaries) while emphasizing on financial and commercial viability and sustainability. 

Implemented by: The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania in collaboration with the International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) and the African Development Bank (AfDB)


Goal and Objective

The goal of the program is to reduce rural poverty and accelerate economic growth on a sustainable basis in line with the framework of National Development Strategies including MKUKUTA/MKUZA, ASDP, ATI, KILIMO KWANZA and SAGGOT. It seeks to enhance the income and food security of the target groups through access to a broad range of financial services coupled with the necessary capacity building and linkages to markets.

The Program Objectives are achieved by and through the following three components and subcomponents

      1. Marketing Infrastructure and Systems 

          Market Infrastructure, Value Addition, Producer Empowerment and Market Linkages (PELM)

      2. Rural Finance

          Grassroots Microfinance Institutions (GMFIs), Rural Financial Services System Development

      3. Program Coordination Unit (PCT)


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