Diligent Consulting Ltd (DCL) was established and officially incorporated in the United Republic of Tanzania in June 2007 when it took over competences of Sambua Development Consult Ltd (established in 2005) and the years of competence of its Directors.

The three directors jointly decided to form DCL when they recognized the market demand for a locally-owned consulting firm in the development economics industry in East Africa.  Sustainability is a top priority in a majority of development projects and establishing such an institution, with local stakeholders and providing locally applicable solutions, is a strong way to ensure that the goal of sustainability is met.

As an institution, Diligent has had a growing project experience since its registration in 2007. Kindly visit our experience corner on this website for examples of assignments that we have undertaken in the near past. In addition, our directors have accumulated the respect of the community and also significant knowledge in over 25 years of consulting for business, private sector, civil society, multinationals and governments in Tanzania and abroad. Furthermore, during this time, they have formed an expansive network of associates who will help us in providing our clients with well-balanced and quality service.