We have worked on various assignments throughout the years

Public Sector & Public Policy Analysis and Advisory Support

  1. In February 2013 Diligent Consulting Ltd provided transaction advisor services to Kinondoni Municipal Council (KMC) and VIBINDO Society jointly. The services included conducting a feasibility study supervised by the Tanzania Gatsby Trust, on the construction of business workspaces at Mburahati Market compliant with the requirements of the Pubic Private Partnership Act 2011.  The transactions advisory services provided were to support the goals of improving business   working premises for market traders as well as increase revenue for the Kinondoni district Council. The feasibility study produced scenarios and options for PPP that enabled KMC (Kinondoni Municipal Council) and VIBINDO Society which made decisions to proceed with the project based on ; the full programme cycle costs, affordability limits, risks and optimal value for money.
  2. Diligent consulting Ltd Conducted a detailed feasibility study for Kamal Seeds & Research Ltd and Agricultural Seed Agency to ascertain whether or not it is financially cost effective, and viable to establish a partnership on seed production and research on the development of new crop varieties. December 2012
  3. Diligent Consulting Ltd conducted a baseline survey for the Tanzania Association of Community Banks in January 2012.
  4. Diligent Consulting Ltd undertook a study for JICA Tanzania in which its experts analyzed cashew nut and coffee Free on Board to Farm Gate Price Ratios, drawing implications for data collection methods and the overall cash crop marketing policy.
  5. The Embassy of Denmark in Tanzania commissioned DCL, in collaboration with Imani Development, to undertake a Study on The Trade Policy Capacity Building Support Provided by Danida to the Ministry of Industry and Trade (Tanzania) and the University of Dar-es-salaam Business School - Feb to June 2012.
  6. Consulted for the Embassy of Denmark and developed a Tanzania Social Economic and Political Profile for promoting Local and foreign direct Investment partnerships- April 2011
  7. Diligent Consulting Ltd continues to work  with The Mitchell Group on the Tanzania Monitoring and Evaluation System assignment whereby Diligent Consulting is undertaking the data quality assessment for USAID implementing partners monitoring and evaluation systems on rural development programs in Health, Education and Natural Resource Management -  the engagement started in 2011 and it is on-going in 2012.
  8. Served the Government of Tanzania and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) whereby Diligent Consulting conducted a study to determine a methodology for developing agriculture performance indicators for assessing the impact of Government Budget Support and focussed on the analyses of the ratio of Farm Gate Prices of Cashew Nut and Coffee versus Free on Board Export prices - September 2011.
  9. Collaborated with PEM Consult A/S of Denmark whereby Diligent Consulting contributed to the Danida Identification Mission for the Tanzania Business Sector Programme Support (BSPS) IV - October 2011


 Advisory and Consultancy Services

  1. Agrisol Energy Tanzania Limited – contributed to the feasibility study on the establishment of a large scale multi-million US dollar commercial grains and animal feed production in Kigoma and Rukwa Region, Western Tanzania–April 2011.
  2. Masitus Company Ltd - conducted a feasibility study and developed a business plan for a medium scale barley production farm at Njombe, Iringa Region, Southern Tanzania - February 2011. 
  3. Mgala holdings Company Ltd - conducted a feasibility study and developed a business plan for medium scale tea production at Njombe,iringa Region, Southern Highlands of Tanzania - Sept 2011
  4. Stirmus Company Ltd - conducted a feasibility study and developed a business plan for a medium scale tea production enterprise at Njombe, Iringa Region, Southern, Tanzania  - October 2011.
  5. Sumuni Nangeda International Company Ltd - conducted a feasibility study and developed a business plan for medium scale Poultry production farm at Bagamoyo, Coast Region of Tanzania - November 2011.


SME Business Skills Training for the Sugar Board of Tanzania

In 2010, Diligent Consulting Ltd conducted training for Small and Micro-Enterprises (SMEs) which act as service providers to sugarcane out-growers in Kilombero, Ruhembe and Mtibwa - Morogoro Tanzania. These included; contractors, input suppliers and harvesting, loading and transport contractors, who were positioned to enhance their skills for running their businesses more efficiently. DCL also trained leaders of SMEs and those of Farmers Associations on tendering procedures.

Expected results from the training workshops included ensuring that the sector was served by:

  • Well trained contractors, VAEOs, and association leaders; imparting on them improved business management skills including better business record keeping, undertaking multi-annual planning, and improved financial management, especially bank accounts and commercial loans management.
  • Better equipped personnel within the SMEs in tendering procedures and meeting stipulated rules and procedures.
  • Enhanced skills in project proposal writing and preparation of business performance reports.
  • Improved cost-benefit analysis and business management skills.


The Second Certified Trade Advisors Programme (CTAP) – Accra Ghana

In May 2009, Mr. Daniel Mghwira, a DCL Associate Consultant, joined a team of 3 other Consultants from Uganda, Tanzania and Egypt to train a team of 24 Ghanaian consultants who aspired to be certified by the Enterprise Competitiveness Section (ECS) of the International Trade Centre (ITC). The assignment involved  a two weeks training followed by 2 months of online coaching of participants on how to practice the ITC model and tools for enhancing enterprise competitiveness. Daniel Mghwira had undertaken a similar training in 2003 and was thereafter certified as an ITC advisor to consult local SMEs on areas of business diagnostics, strategy development & management, and training them on enterprise competitiveness using the ITC tools. The ECS of ITC Delivers Excellence in Exporter Competitiveness by providing SMEs in high potential growth sectors of developing countries with export capacity building solutions that optimize their export-readiness and strengthen their international competitiveness.


Business Management Skills Training for Clusters Program, 24-28 August 2009.

From the 24th to 28th of August 2009, at the Beachcomber Hotel Resort in Dar es Salaam, Diligent Consulting Ltd in association with Miradi Associates and the College of Engineering and Technology (CoET), delivered the 2nd Business Management Skills Training for Clusters. There were 19 participants from a variety of business clusters in Tanzania. The trainers from Diligent Consulting Ltd were Sosthenes Sambua, Jim Kleiber, and Festo Barthalome. They were joined by Dan Mghwira, an associate consultant from Miradi Associates. Dan helped participants grasp the idea of competitiveness and bargaining power. He delivered presentations and facilitated discussions in order to practically show the participants how these concepts can transform their businesses. Sosthenes Sambua primarily focused on marketing principles and specifically how the participants should and can get their products into the appropriate markets. He, just like Dan, used practical examples and discussions to ensure that participants got beyond the theory and really understood the core parts of the marketing mindset. Furthermore, Jim Kleiber focused mainly on helping the participants to understand the role of e-business to today’s businesses and how to apply it to their individual businesses. Although time was limited, the participants were taken step-by-step though practical applications of e-business tools and at last one of the participants was able to place an advertisement of his product on the mostly free business-to-business (B2B) website named alibaba.com. (See Mswanu at alibaba.com). Finally, Festo Barthalome took the participants through cash budgeting, how to track the business through record keeping and the importance of each. Specifically, the participants were guided step-by-step on how to go about creating a cash budget using the familiar Diligent style of practical examples, discussions and by working in small groups.


 The CRDB Microfinance Forum

The Former Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania, Hon.Mizengo Pinda, opening the event

Fast changes in the nature and scope of the demand for microfinance products and services call for corresponding innovations on the supply side. Quick adjustments in the supply side, i.e. in the microfinance services providing institutions, are thus required. This is especially critical for those institutions serving clients in rural remote areas. Towards this goal, there are eminent challenges that require the attention of a broad range of stakeholders: the Government, development and donor agencies, research institutions and academia, just to mention a few.

In view of this, the CRDB Microfinance Services Company organized a National Microfinance Forum for Tanzania in June 2009. The forum brought together over 300 delegates from Tanzania and other parts of the world. The delegates discussed and articulated pertinent elements of an effective system that would enhance the access to financial services by the multitude of low income earners in Tanzania and especially those in remote areas.

Diligent Consulting Ltd collaborated with CRDB Bank to organize and facilitate the forum and was tasked to draw a summary of key issues and recommendations for follow-up. The forum was officiated by the Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania, Hon. Mizengo Peter Pinda (click here for more info on what he said), and presentations included those made by representatives from: The CRDB Bank and the CRDB Microfinance Services Company; the Bank of Tanzania; the Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT), the World Council of Cooperatives, The office of The Registrar of Cooperatives, Micro Save, Beneficiaries of CRDB Microfinance Services (SACCOS) and the Consultative Group for Poverty Alleviation (CGAP). The forum was evaluated as to have been unique, a success, and that its recommendations would be of much help in continuing efforts to develop the microfinance industry in the country.


A REPOA mini-review of capacity building for research and policy analysis and dialogue component

Research on Poverty Alleviations (REPOA), a nongovernmental research institute, commissioned two consultants to undertake a mini-review of the organisation. The scope of work entailed complementing the 2008 external institutional review by filling in the identified gaps. Specifically, the consultants were required to review the implementation of two core components of REPOA's five year (2005-2009) strategic plan (i) capacity building for research and (ii) facilitation of policy analysis and dialogue. The exercise entailed reviewing governance and management documents at REPOA; interviewing key REPOA staff, stakeholders-representatives of donors, beneficiaries of REPOA's services and collaborating institutions; holding management and stakeholder feedback meetings; and submission of a report. The output was accepted by REPOA and the recommendations are assisting management in designing the new strategic plan.

Consultants: Prof Andrew E. Temu (DCL) and Prof Haidari Amani (Daima Associates).


A Contribution to the 2008 Donors-GoT General Budget Support Review, September-November 2008

The RDE Embassy participates, together with a team of other bilateral and multilateral donors in Tanzania, in undertaking the Tanzania's Government Budget Support Review every year. The 2008 Donor-GoT Review of the General Budget Support required that a concept note on relevant issues pertaining to the agriculture sector be prepared. The consultant, Prof. Andrew E. Temu, made this contribution to the review team. The objective of the exercise was to facilitate an understanding of the fundamental components of recent year's reform efforts to create an enabling environment for private sector and agriculture, progress achieved in pursuing the reforms, eminent challenges and constraints. The report was submitted and the whole advisory support service was concluded successfully.


Tanzanian/Danish Business Conference, 3th-5th November 2008

DAR ES SALAAM -- Under Diligent Consulting Ltd, Prof. Andrew E. Temu prepared and presented a paper titled ‘Investing in Agriculture in Tanzania: Potentials and Challenges.' The objective was to show to potential Danish investors the opportunities that exist in the Tanzanian agriculture. Whilst the primary goal was to encourage them, the presentation also needed to be insightful of the challenges of investing and doing business in Tanzania. The presentation took into consideration the comparative advantages and competitive strengths of Danish farmers and their associations. Participants responded positively and it is on record that several Danish investors have followed up on identified opportunities.